Logos Workshop

Logos beschikt over een goed uitgeruste en gespecialiseerde werkplaats voor bouw en ontwikkeling van akoestische en elektromechanische muziekinstrumenten. Dit atelier komplementeert de werking van het elektronisch laboratorium en de opnamestudio. Wij hebben een intense samenwerking met experten op het vlak van de traditionele orgelbouw (Ghislain en Dierik Potvlieghe, Stefan Claesens), instrumentenbouw (Tim Duerinck, Joris Buyse) zowel als op dat van de metaalbewerking en de lastechnieken (Godfried-Willem Raes en Filip Switters) en mikroelektronika (Johannes Taelman). Vergeten we niet dat we toch ook de gehele koncertzaal zelf ineen hebben gelast.

At our facility in Ghent, the Logos Foundation has a well equiped workshop for design and construction of new and experimental musical instruments. Complementary to our laboratory for research and development of human interfaces for musicians using electronic circuitry and microprocessors, this workshop is equiped for the construction of both acoustical and mechanical instruments, including full featured robots, as well as concert requisites (music theatre, staged productions, audio art).
We have in house expertise with regard to traditional instrument building (Ghislain Potvlieghe, Tim Deurinck, Joris Buyse and Stefan Claesens are reputed instrument builders) as well as with regard to modern and experimental construction technology: arc-welding, TIG-welding, steelwork, woodwork, pneumatics... After all, we have build our own spaces, including the arc-welded tetrahedron concerthall.

Composers, performers and instrument makers having worked at our workshop include: Genesis P.Orridge (+), Paul Woodrow, Stephen Cripps (+), Lieve De Pelsmaecker (+), Hans Roels, Trimpin, Jerry Hunt (+),Karin Defleyt, Arne Deforce, Johan Vercruysse, Joachim Brackx, Phill Niblock, Godfried-Willem Raes, Moniek Darge, Johan Neyt, Guy De Bievre, Jane Henry, Rui Calapez-Gomes, Maria Blondeel, Johan Grimonprez, Christoph Fink, Francesca Verbauwhede, Jacques Remus, Xavier Verhelst, Stefaan Smagghe, Geert Logghe, Dick Raaijmakers (+), Marc Maes, Sarah Eyckermans, Leonaar Degraeve, Rene Mogenson, Manu Frederickx, Laura Maes, Kristof Lauwers, Werner Schurmans, Johannes Taelman, Troy Rogers, Hans Beckers, Luk Vaes, Tim Deurinck, Mattias Parent, Philippe Druez...


Available instruments, build in our workshop:

  • Log drums (Teponatzli)
  • Woodblocks
  • Templeblocks
  • Xylophones
  • Fork resonators
  • whistles
  • Monochords
  • Player-piano vorsetzer (3)
  • Barrelorgan
  • AutoSax
  • Theremins
  • Melauton
  • tubular bells
  • bullroarers, rommelpotten, cuicas, lions roars
  • Rotomoton
  • Klung
  • Springers
  • Thunderwood
  • Vibi
  • Belly
  • Flex
  • Tubi
  • Trump
  • So
  • Puff
  • Hurdy
  • Ake
  • Vacca
  • Vitello
  • Qt
  • Player Piano II, with pedal
  • Toypi
  • Simba
  • Bono
  • Korn
  • Bako
  • Ob
  • HarmO
  • Bomi
  • Fa
  • Spiro
  • Temblo
  • Horny
  • Klar
  • Asa
  • Whisper
  • Rodo
  • Bello
  • 3 airplane propellers
  • Hybr
  • HybrHi
  • HybrLo
  • Melauton
  • Pi
  • Tinti
  • Chi
  • 2Pi
  • Balsi
  • Pos
  • RorO
  • Tubo
  • Flut
  • Trumpeter
  • Cornalto
  • Pianet
  • Sperhak
  • Plus-Minus
  • Hunt
  • Rumo

Instruments to the order of third parties:

Projects under study:

Tools and equipment available at the workshop:

  • Odin MDW Professional Column drill (550kg)
  • Fein Electric Handdrill (slow, for steel)
  • Fein Threading machine
  • Metabo Electric Handdrill
  • Circular Power Saw
  • Large angular cutting grinder (for steel)
  • Small angular cutting grinder (for steel)
  • pipe cutters (up to 4") and reamers
  • Electric welding equipment (Genesis)
  • TIG welding equipment, with Argon gas.
  • Power Hacksaw
  • Plasma cutter (Genesis)
  • hundreths of clamps, vises, wrenches
  • hydraulic pipebender 1/4" - 6/4" (Ridgid), with shapers for flat staff materials
  • electric tablesaw for steel (Ridgid)
  • electric cutting-off machine for stainless steel MACC model NEW250DV with cobalt blades and automatic fluid cooling
  • Abac radial compressor 10Bar, 4kW, with 150 liter tank
  • pneumatic drill
  • pneumatic rivetting machinery.
  • pneumatic hammers for steel working
  • pneumatic high speed grinders
  • Contimac lathe for metals. (span 500mm)
  • Professional Welding Table (Siegmund) with clamping tools
  • Air Liquide Acetylene welding and brasing equipment with a variety of torches, including microminiature types.
  • Proxxon MF70 miniature milling machine (6000 to 20000 rpm)
  • Arbor Press (3 Tons), Bernardo DP3
  • Sander, triangular head.
  • Ribbon sander.
  • Flatface grinder, Bernardo TS300
  • adjustable honing tools and reamers
  • Microwave oven with hotpot for glass melting and fusing.
  • Spoke thread rolling machine (Eldi).
  • Organ pipe tuning cutter machine

electric tablesaw for steel (Ridgid)

Air Liquide Acetylene welding and brasing equipment

Acetylene and TIG welding

Contimac lathe for metals. (span 500mm)


Abac compressor 10Bar, 4kW, with 150liter tank

Compressor (10 Bar)

Ridgid pipe bender

Arbor Press

Stretching tool

Column drill

flatface grinder

honing tools

organ pipe tuning cutter machine

Musical Instrument Collection

We own quite a wide range of traditional, exotic and experimental instruments that can be used for performance of new music as well as for sound recording. The collection includes:

  • Clavichord (historical copy of 18th century instrument build by Clement Hengst, Noorden 1988, with modifications by G.-W.Raes) 5 octaves, not bound.
  • Kawai KG1 Grand Piano, 1979 (+ Vorsetzer)
  • the complete Logos Robot orchestra (77 musical robots sofar, 2020)
  • Small Harmonium (Reed organ) (4 octaves, no registers, expression)
  • Javanese Gongs (Gamelan) - many different sizes, including very large (and heavy...)
  • 2 Javanese Genders (Gamelan)
  • 1 Pattala (Birma) (Heptatonic equal temperament)
  • Congas (3), bongos (6), snaredrums, rototoms (3)
  • Large historical bass and tenor drums (natural skins)
  • Wide collection of cymbals (Chinese, Turkish...) and bell-cymbals, including tibettan Rolmoh's
  • Bronze plate-gongs (Ufip) (6)
  • baritone, alto, cornet, bass trumpet...
  • Suling, ken, heptatonic pattala, dilruba, erhu, log-drums, templeblocks, woodblocks, cuica, rommelpotten,klappers, guiros, chuvas
  • Didgeridoo, Han Koto, Wind Gong, Chinese, Japanese and Tibetan sound bowls
  • Large collection of exotic percussion instruments, including large and small Indonesian, Chinese and Balinese Gongs
  • Historical clarinets (all sizes and tunings...), ocarinas, conshell-trumpets
  • Banjo, 3 Mandolin's, 2 Balalaika's, (NO guitars!)
  • Violin, Viola, Cello, Pochette, Soprano Gamba
  • Waterphone (by Richard Waters)
  • Springboard, Monochords, Zithers, Anvils, Thundersheets, Break drums…
  • Crackle box (4), (2 by Michel Waisvisz)
  • Oxenbells, Elephantbells, Cowbells, Shipbells, Tubular Bells, Dinner Bells, Doorbells, Alarmbells.
  • Large crank driven sirens
  • Highland Bagpipes
  • Hommel
  • Theremins (6)

Last updated: 2021-12-11