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Logos Studio

At our facility in Ghent, the Logos Foundation has an electronic studio open to composers and composition students wanting to explore the worlds of non-commercial experimental music and to produce artistic work in the realms of electroacoustic music, sound synthesis, electro-instrumental music and multimedia.
After the decline of the former IPEM studio (now devoted to musicology research in the area of auditory perception, data mining and embodied music cognition), the Logos studio became the largest and most up to date facility for electroacoustic music in Flanders. Up to the retirement of Prof.dr.Godfried-Willem Raes, a part of our studio equipment was installed in the facilities of the Ghent Royal Conservatory where it was used for his composition teaching. This part returned to the foundation in june 2014. The studio is located at our prime facility: Kongostraat 35 in Gent.
Following studio rooms are available:

1.- Studio room with a PC based multitrack digital editing system, 4 channel monitoring...
2.- Studio room equiped for silent audio recording, with spirit folio mixing desk, 4/8 channel monitoring, video editing facilities, sound generation equipment, CD burners, PC based multitrack digital editing system. With direct lines to our tetrahedron concert hall.

The equipment list (by far not complete...) includes:

Digital Studio 1:

  • Working desk with 4-channel RCF monitoring and dedicated PC
  • 12-channel Soundscape recording and editing system (Wintel-PC-based) [legacy]
  • Studio server: Pentium MMX 233MHz, 64MByte ram, 2 HD, 4Gbyte each, 21" Nokia monitor.
  • Hewlett Packard CD-burner (PC)
  • Marantz CD-burner (Stand Alone) CDR615
  • Tascam CD-201 cd-player
  • Tascam DA30 MkII DAT machine
  • Tascam DA20 DAT
  • Tascam Professional MiniDisc recorder/player
  • Tascam DA88, 8 channel digital with 8 channel digital connectors to Soundscape system, 8 balanced analog line inputs. (sold in 2017)
  • Mackie SR24-4
  • Soundcraft Spirit 24-8-2
  • 2 Behringer MX2642
  • Samson PL2404
  • a few Mackie submixers
  • Sony PCM converter [legacy, for sale]
  • Sony DAT 19"
  • Sony DAT TCD10 - portable
  • 2 Sony portable MD recorders
  • 2 Aiwa portable DAT recorders
  • DBX1 Compressor -Gate266
  • 2 Alesis RA100 monitor amps
  • EMU Proteus 2000
  • 10 RCF Monitor 8 speakers
  • Fireface interface


Digital Studio 2:

  • Pentium workstation with Soundscape editing soft- and hardware
  • Quadrophonic listening room and monitoring
  • 4 Klein & Hummel monoblock amps
  • Tascam DA30 MkII DAT machine
  • Akai S2000 Sampler
  • Lexicon sound processors
  • Digitech sound processors

Specials for interactive applications and live-electronics:

  • 6 PC-compatible (Intel based) laptop computers, many up-to-date networked desktop systems
  • Permanent fast internet connections.
  • Analog Devices DSP development systems (ADSP-2100), used for fast polyphonic pitch to midi conversion. [legacy]
  • Parallax Basic Stamp development systems [legacy]
  • 80x51 family development systems [legacy] [legacy]
  • Microchip MPLAB programmers and full software development system
  • Proton+ compilers for PIC microprocessors
  • Holosound based invisible instruments (sonar- and microwave versions) by dr.G.-W.Raes
  • Optoson-devices
  • contactmicrophones (very many, also with balanced output)
  • Raes/Trimpin player piano(vorsetzer)
  • Automated saxophone (Raes)
  • Automated acoustic organ modules
  • Automated acoustic percussion modules: <Klung>,<Troms>,<ThunderWood>,<Springers>, <Simba>, <Chi>, <Tinti>...
  • Pavo Midi controllers (different types and models) [legacy]
  • Pavo Tap tempo synchronizer 19"rack model
  • Optical Matrix Mixer for performances of Dick Raaijmakers 'Elektries Strijkkwartet'.
  • DSP based polyphonic pitch to midi convertor (Johannes Taelman) [legacy]
  • HAMEG 8018 LCR meter
  • HAMEG Function generator
  • Sound level meter
  • Ultrasonic sound pressure level meter
  • Tektronix Oscilloscope TDS2024 (4-channel)
  • Tektronix Arbitrary Function Generator AFG2021
  • Ultrasonic FM-modulation emitters

Special software:
  • Power Basic PBWin 10.00 and PBcc compiler with <GMT> software for real time algorithmic music composition (2019)
  • Microsoft Professional Basic Developer System V7.1 (BC7-QBX) with lots of specialised libraries for music composition [legacy]
  • C++ compiler (Microsoft Visual Studio)
  • Cakewalk pro Audio / Sonar
  • Mellosoftron [legacy]
  • Cool Edit
  • Soundforge
  • PD
  • Soundscape digital multitrack editing system [legacy]
  • Microsoft Visual Basic - Professional edition [legacy]
  • Finale (PC Windows version) [legacy]
  • Noteprocessor (reads DARMS-code) [legacy]
  • Sibelius score writing software [legacy]
  • Different compilers for DSP's (Analog Devices), controllers and Microchip PIC's (MPLAB).
  • Proton+ compiler for Microchip PIC controllers (2019)

  • Soundfield + remote control unit & quad-outputs
  • 3 Schoeps Condenser Microphones MK3
  • 3 Schoeps Condensor Microphones MK5G
  • 4 Neumann microphones
  • 4 Beyer dynamics
  • 4 AKG D190
  • 2 AKG C3000
  • 3 Telex wireless systems
  • 40 contactmicrophones (Logotronics, different types for all instruments and sources)

Synthesizers and sound modules:
  • 2 Yamaha TX81Z
  • 2 Yamaha FB01
  • 1 Yamaha DX21
  • 1 EMU Proteus 2000
  • 3 EMU Proteus 2 XR
  • 2 EMU Proteus 3
  • 1 EMU Proteus Procussion
  • 1 EMU Proformance
  • 1 Kawai K1 Keyboard synth
  • 4 midi keyboards
  • 1 Paia analog midi controlled synth
  • 1 Yamaha TG100 module
  • 1 Yamaha MU100R module
  • 1 Akai S2000 Sampler

Effects and modulation equipment
  • 2 Digitech TSR24+
  • Digitech IPS33B
  • Lexicon LXP5
  • Lexicon PCM80 (expanded)
  • Alesis effects
  • ART effects
  • Roland SP50 sampler
  • Yamaha EMP100
  • Yamaha REX50
  • Behringer parametric EQ
  • Behringer compressor limiter
  • Paia analog vocoder

Analog and legacy equipment: (... remind you, we started back in 1968...)
  • VCO's, VCA's, VCF's,
  • 12 ringmodulators
  • 4 ringmodulators, 19" rack with line level inputs and output.
  • 12 sine wave oscillators (remember the old paradigms…)
  • 12 sawtooth oscillators (Dodekadent)
  • 2 Hewlett-Packard sine wave oscilators (vacuum tube)
  • diverse analog synths
  • many solid state filters
  • 8 Crackle boxes (Steim)
  • 4 Synthelogs
  • 8 Theremins
  • Brain Wave amplifiers with computer interfaces
  • Myoelectric amplifiers (muscle voltage amplifiers)
  • 4 Revox A77 reel-to-reel taperecorders in full working condition
  • 1 Revox PR99, rack mount studio reel to reel taperecorder
  • 2 Revox G35 taperecorders (vacuum tubes)
  • 2 Carad full track reel to reel taperecorders (vacuum tubes)
  • 1 Truvox reel to reel with a chromatic set of capstan wheels (vacuum tubes)
  • 4-Track 1/2" taperecorder (15/30ips - Philips) This is the very machine Edgar Varese may have used for his poeme electronique on the Brussels World Exhibition in the Philips Pavillion (Le Corbusier / Xenakis) in 1958. It was originally a 3-track machine and we still have the original 3-track tape-heads.
  • Nakamichi 550 Cassetterecorder - professional portable
  • Sony TCD5
  • Sony WMD6
  • Apple Macintosh computer system ('Classic') [legacy]
  • Atari 1040 ST with Composers Desktop CDP system [legacy]

Multimedia equipment
  • Sony U-matic video 3/4" (PAL/NTCS)
  • Sony Video-8 system
  • Sony video-8 editing system + deck
  • VHS systems (PAL/NTCS)
  • 2 16mm film projectors (1 Siemens, 1 Kodak Pageant)
  • 2 Kodak carousel slide projectors + dissolve unit
  • Super 8 sound filmprojector (Bauer)
  • Super 8 filmprojector (silent)
  • 2 Video monitors
  • Samsung large LED monitor
  • 10 Multimedia computers (Pentium MMX + internet facilities, networked under Windows10-UK, QWERTY keyboards!)
  • LCD video projector. (SVGA) Sony
  • DVD players
  • Canon EOS550D with a complete set of lenses.
  • Canon EOS6D full frame camera with lenses.

Composers and performers working of having worked at our studio include:

Hans Roels, Annelies Van Parijs, Francesca Verbauwhede (+), Arne Deforce, Johan Vercruysse, Joachim Brackx, Jan Emmery (+), Warren Burt, Jackson Mac Low (+), Luc Houtkamp, Charlie Morrow, Phill Niblock (+), Godfried-Willem Raes, Moniek Darge, Jerry Hunt (+), Guy De Bievre, Freddy Devree (+), Yves Senden, Jane Henry, Walter Lievens (+), Rui Calapez-Gomes, Jorge Peixinho(+), An Tardos, Maria Blondeel, Lelio Camilleri, Jan Zaman, Johan Grimonprez, Christoph Fink, Johan Neijt, Kris De Baerdemacker, Luk Vaes, Jacques Remus, Barbara Held, Bruno Forment, Jan Rispens, Konstantin Gockel, Xavier Verhelst, Karin De Fleyt, Luc Brewaeys (+), Leonaar Degraeve, Heleen Van Haegenborgh, Brent Wetters, Kristof Lauwers, Laura Maes, Sebastian Bradt, Reiner Boesch, Thomas Smetryns, Charlemagne Palestine, Jonathon Kirk, Helen White, Barbara Buchowiec, Johannes Westerdorp, Yvan Vander Sanden, Benjamin Glorieux, Mattias Parent, Lara Van Wynsberge

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