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Logos Duo

Moniek Darge & Godfried-Willem Raes 


The logos duo -devoted exclusively to the creation and the performance of new music- has grown from the logos ensemble, founded in 1968/69 by Godfried-Willem Raes. Moniek Darge joined the group, and the later duo, in 1970. Since then they have presented concerts all over the world. Festivals, Concerts and concert tours, happenings and events...

"Pure experience, no pamphlet
The Logos Duo, Godfried-Willem Raes and Moniek Darge, from Ghent, Belgium, celebrated its 25th birthday. For 25 years, not only as concert organizers, but also as performing composers, they have been reaching out for everything that is new and experimental in music. This jubilee is being celebrated by the release of their CD LOGOS WORKS. 
The Logos Duo has created a place in Ghent where the most varied kinds of new music can be heard. Next to this their own work has been heard all over the globe. From Brazil to Japan to the US. The duo met in the early seventies in an atmosphere of social and political protest.
Music is a 24 hour/day activity for Moniek Darge and Godfried-Willem Raes. Their personal lives and artistry are intricately intertwined. But in the course of the years their aesthetic views have changed, and have now become almost opposite. They solve this conflict on the LOGOS WORKS CD by alternatingly presenting their respective works. Raes' algorithmic music is hereby confronted to the nature sounds and ritual tableaux of Darge." (Frank Pauwels, De Gentenaar). In 1997 the Logos Duo they were given the title of official cultural embassadors of Flanders.

Logos Duo 30th anniversary in December 2000 

photographs: Benn Deceuninck

Important Logos Duo Performances over the past: 

  • 1968 Gent, Royal Conservatory of Music, Antwerp, Flemish Conservatory of Music, Gent, State University ('Logos 3/5')
  • 1969 Izegem, Gent, Brussel, Palais des Beaux Arts 1970 Gent, Akademie voor Schone Kunsten 
  • 1971 Gent, Akademie voor Schone Kunsten, Festival Elektronische Muziek 
  • 1972 Liege, Conservatoire Royale de Musique Koeln, Belgisches Haus, Bonn, KulturForum Amsterdam, BIM-Huis Brussel, Palais des Beaux Arts, Gent, Akademie voor schone kunsten, Mixed-Media Festival 
  • 1973 Knokke, XPRMTL-festival Gent, Akademie voor Schone Kunsten, Mixed-Media Festival 
  • 1976 Kortrijk, Krypte, BRT3 Bonn, Kulturforum Amsterdam, Stedelijk Museum Brussel, Theatre Stalker, Entra'xes Festival Poitiers, Festival de Theatre experimental et de Musique Contemporaine 
  • 1977 Gent, Arca theater, Mixed-Media Festival, Museum voor Hedendaagse Kunst. Concerts in Roeselare,Meulebeke, Lebbeke... 
  • 1978 Antwerpen, Oranjehuis, Mixed-Media festival Aalst, 't Fabrieksken, Palais des Beaux Arts 
  • 1979 Gent, Logos Koncertstudio, Brussel, Mallemunt, Concerts in Veurne, Brugge... Utrecht, 't Hoogt, Claxon-geluid festival, Middelburg, Vleeshal 
  • 1980 New York, Experimental Intermedia Foundation <Rain>, Soundscape, Pass-studio London, London Musicians' Cooperative Bristol, &quot;...and Music" Festival , Arnolfini Arts Centre of Bristol. Rotterdam, 'Dissonanten' Festival 
  • 1981 Firenze, Italia, GAMO-New Music Festival Ravenna, 'La Banda di Cospirazione Musicale', Bologna, Music Conservatory Essen, Germany, &quot;Klang und Spielstrasse"<Deus ex Machina>, <Serpent Box>, <Bellenorgels> Rathaus. Brussels:, ISCM- World Music Days, BRT3 
  • 1982 Copenhagen, Denmark, Dut-Concert, Musikkonservatoriet USA, New York, West- Broadway Atlantic Gallery New York, WBAI-radio concert Greece, Athens, Institut Français, Thessaloniki, Theatre. 
  • 1983 Australia, Tasmania, Hobart, ANZART-Festival Melbourne, "Image 83" Festival, Melbourne, La Trobe University Auckland, New Zealand. Spain, Madrid, Universidad Complutense Germany, Essen, 'Klang und Spielstrasse': <Pneumafoon> Brugge, 't Leerhuys (Schwitters) BRT3 
  • 1984 Australia, Alice Springs, Araluen Centre for the Arts , opening festival Australia: Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin, New Zealand, Wellington University, Christchurch University, Music Department Canada- tour: Parallel Art Galleries Circuit: Moncton, Regina, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Halifax,Montreal,Ottawa New York City, "Roulette" on West-Broadway &lt;Bratchebraut>, London, LMC, "...and Music 84" Festival Eindhoven, Apollohuis , Echo-Festival, Amsterdam, Ijsbreker, "Nootweek" <Holosound> 
  • 1985 Lisboa, Fundacao Calouste Gulbenkian , Portugal Arnhem, <Stormfugle>, <Turkish Square>; "Kijk Muziek" Festival (Stadhuis) Gent, "International Radio Solstice Event" multiplex with the USA and New Zealand. New York, New Wilderness Foundation, &lt;Soundtrack>, <Singing Bicycle Symfony> Italia ,Rome, 3rd Festival of Bracciano., <Holosound>; <Singing Bicycles> Germany: Concerts in Stuttgart, Bonn, &quot;Tage der Neue Musik", München, Alabama Halle. Boston, Massachussetts, Moebius-Theatre, Milwaukee, Woodland Pattern, Washington D.C., DC-Space Dartmouth, Dartmouth College of Hanover N.H, New York, Intermedia Foundation 
  • 1986 Italia, Ferrara, Aterforum Festival , <Pneumafoon> Canada: St.Johns, Newfoundland International Sound Symposium, <Holosound> Canada, Banff, Intermedia Department of the Banff Art Centre Brasil, University of Brasilia, <Holosound> Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, Museum of Modern Art, <Holosound> Brasil, Sao Paulo, New Music Festival New Music Festival of Santos, <Holosound>. Brasil, Santos, Festival de Musica Contemporanea, <Holosound> New York, Experimental Intermedia Foundation, Fusion Arts Gallery, New Wilderness Foundation 
  • 1987 Las Vegas, University of Nevada at Las Vegas, <Holosound> Santa Barbara, Contemporary Arts Forum , San Francisco, Tenth Street Theatre, <Holosound> Boulder, Colorado, Centre for New Music Ressource Los Angeles, KPFK-Radio concert. Luxemburg, Sound Poetry International Festival France, Strasbourg, 'Festival Jeunesse-Technology', <Holosound> Switzerland tour: concerts in Winterthur, Sankt Gallen, <Holosound> Concerts in Amsterdam , Gent, (LEF-Festival) <Klankboot>, <Halte>, <AbbeySounds>
  • 1988 "World Concert Tour": Rwanda, Kigali, Centre de Rencontres, <Hex>, <Holosound> Kenia, Nairobi, Nairobi University, Music Department, <Hex>, <Holosound> Thailand, Bangkok, The Bhirasri Institute of Modern Art , <Hex>, <Holosound> Hong Kong, Hong Kong University ,<Hex>, <Holosound> New Zealand, University of Wellington ,<Hex>,<Holosound> University of Auckland ,<Hex>,<Holosound> International New Zealand Festival for the Arts. Linz, Linz, Audio Arts / Ars Elektronika Festival,<Hex>,<Holosound> Concerts in San Marino, Rimini, Terni, Firenze. 
  • 1989 Poland, Krakow, Poznan, Kazimierz Dolny and Lo/dz U.S.A.tour: Alabama ,Birmingham, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Washington D.C., New York City. Brasil , Festival Musica Nova '89 , Santos, Sao Paulo Salvador de Bahia, Brussels, Palais des Beaux Arts, &quot;Auto Mobile" ,<Toetkuip> Brussels, VUB, Free University of Brussels,<Hex> Assenede, &quot;Holder de Polder" Fesival ,<Ohre>,<2bv-2b>,<Singing Bicycles> Delft ,Den Haag, "Holosound" performance 
  • 1990 Japan: Tajima Performance Festival, Bizen Music and Performance Festival, Tokyo, Striped House Art Museum Concert-Series <ManMo>., Stage- concert at Awa-Ikeda on Shikoku Island. UK-Tour: Leeds, Sheffield Switserland, Bern: Paul Klee Museum , <Hex> New York, Roulette on West Braodway, <Shifts>, <Hex> Flanders: Hasselt, Provinciaal Museum, Zonnebeke, Cultural Centre, Berlare, Neerpelt, Hoge Rielen, pneumafoon Brussel, Vox Populi, <Talking Flames> 
  • 1991 Eindhoven: Studium Generale, 'Technische Universiteit', <Fugues>, <Holosound> Alicante, Symposium 'Postmodernidad y Vanguardia', Ghent Opening Logos Tetraeder <ManMo>
  • 1992 Heverlee, De Bron ,<Book of Moves>Australia, Perth, EVOS &amp; PICA, Perth Institute for Contemporary Art. Melbourne Linden Art Gallery, &lt;Book of Moves> JAPAN, Tokyo, Furu-Furu Gallery, P-3, Zen-temple, Shikoku, Summer Festival of Miyoshi-Gun. China, Beijing , Shanghai Centre Theatre, &lt;A Book of Moves> Spain, Lugo, &lt;A Book of Moves> <Plum Blossoms>. Germany : Köln (Stadtgarten), Wiesbaden (Moltkerei) , Bonn (Beethovenhalle); Italy, Bolzano (Schloss Maretsch), <A Book of Moves>. 
  • 1993 Austria, Krems, 'Zur.Zeit' Festival,<Virtual Jews Harps>,<A Book of Moves> Poland: Krakow, Warschau, Audio-Art Festival,<A Book of Moves> USA, Buffalo, Hallwalls, Contemporary Arts Centre at Buffalo ,<A Book of Moves> New York, Experimental Intermedia Foundation, &lt;A Book of Moves> Nederland: Eindhoven, Technical University , Amsterdam, Gaudeamus Foundation, 'Stedelijk Museum' 
  • 1994 Poland: Warshau Autumn Festival ,<A Book of Moves> Leuven: Pieter de Somer Aula,<A Book of Moves> Gent, State University, Aula, ICC- Science Week, <A Book of Moves 
  • 1995 Brazil, Festival Musica Nova, concerts at: Santos,Campinas, Sao Paulo, Ribeirao Preto,<Songbook>,<B.O.M.> Brazil, Sons da atualida festival, Belo Horizonte, <A Book of Moves>, <Songbook> France: Cassel, 'Festival de Musique Contemporaine' Nederland: Amsterdam, De Ijsbreker, Eindhoven, Apollohuis,<÷<Songbook> USA-Tour: San Jose, State University, Berkeley, Mills College, Phoenix, Arizona State University Tilburg, Gent, November Music Festival, <Songbook>[ 
  • 1996 Gent, New Music Week, <Player Piano recital>, Kortrijk University, <Songbook>, Schwaz (Austria), <A Book of Moves>, <Songbook> . Leuven, Flanders Festival, <Mach'96>, premiere of a major composition by Godfried-Willem Raes for steamengines, player-piano, tubas and violins.
  • 1997 Gent, New Music Week, <Winter96>,Brussels, Elsenhof: <Hex>, <Musicboxes>, Madrid, Circullo de bellas artes <A Book of Moves>,<Songbook> , Gent, street parade, <Le Grand Coucou>, Herne, Germany, Transform Festival (Joachim Brackx and Godfried-Willem Raes): <Songbook>, Amsterdam, Gaudeamus Music Week <Holosound-Installation>, Krakau, Audio Art Festival, Poland, (Logos Trio: Joachim Brackx and Logos Duo): <Songbook>, November Music, Den Bosch, Netherlands <Pneumafoon> , <Holosound-Installation> Oorsmeer , Gent <Holosound Installation>, <Virtual Jews Harps>, Kolveniershof Antwerp <Counting down from -747>
  • 1998 California Tour: (Logos Trio: Joachim Brackx and Logos Duo) San Jose (SJSU), San Francisco (KPFA-radio) <Songbook>, Antwerp, Kolveniersgracht S.E.M. <Caete>, 'Kunst onder acht' <Singing Bicycles>, <Cloudrider> , Ghent International Street Theatre Festival: <Rooie Niki>, Gent 'De muren weten ervan...'
  • 1999: Indonesia tour (Logos Trio: Joachim Brackx and Logos Duo): Jakarta, Bandung, Jogyakarta: <Songbook>; <A Book of Moves>
  • 1999: (Logos Trio: Karin De Fleyt and Logos Duo) Sweden, Stockholm, Fylkingen: <Songbook>; <A Book of Moves>, <Caete>
  • 2000: Logos Quartet (Karin De Fleyt, Joachim Brackx and Logos Duo): Concerto Antarktissimo in direct link with Palmer Station, Antarctica (Douglas Quin, soundscaping composer on Antarctica); Utrecht: Pierement Museum, Hulste; Logos Trio (Karin De Fleyt &amp; Logos Duo): Muizelhuis: <Songbook>; <A Book of Moves>, <Caete> and trio improvisation on flute, clarinet, violin; Logos Duo: Leuven, Wagenhuys Cultureel Centrum <Songbook>; <A Book of Moves>; July 24th to august 8th: Logos Duo Third Japan Concert tour: Hiroshima, Shimane, Kawamoto, Soundplay Festival, Shikoku.<Songbook>; <A Book of Moves>, international improvisation on violin & clarinet, and with Kumi Wakao improvisation for 2 violins; August: Karin De Fleyt performs &quot;MusicBox" by Moniek Darge in the cupboard designed by Bruno Poelaert: Champs d'Action in Middelheim Park, Antwerp; October: Lille, France, (Marc Maes & Logos Duo), Festival Chants Mécaniques, Exhibitions of Gorgola (<Barrelorgan>: Vox Humanola, <Piperola>); score of <ManMo>; October: Eindhoven, Technische Universiteit: <Web Strikes Back>, Tromp festival, Slag_werk by Godfried-Willem Raes: Godfried and Kristof Lauwers; November: Schaarbeek, Brussels 2000, Nemo (Baudouin De Jaer),with among works of several instrument buiders also the Logos <Pneumafoon> performed by Karin De Fleyt, Marc Maes, Leonaar De Graeve, Kurd Vande Velde &amp; Logos Duo; December: Aveiro Festival, Portugal (Logos Quartet: Duo plus Karin De Fleyt, Joachim Brackx & 5 students Hogeschool Gent: Vanessa de Fauw, Eva Van de Voorde, Bruno De Busschere, Kristof Lauwers, Brent Wetters, a.o.) <Songbook>, <Caete>
  • 2001: Universiteit Gent (February); 40 years of Amnesty International, Gravensteen, Gent (May); Singing Bicycles in Bavikhove (July); Logos Kabouterwerkgroep, Huis van Alijn, Gentse Feesten (July); Ought-One Festival in Vermont, USA (August); Antwerp, Tourcoing <Chants Mechaniques>; Vooruit Gent (Pneumafoon), M.I.M. Brussels: <Musicboxes><Holosound>; Herne, Kling Klang (Machines)...
  • 2002: Toetkuip-project, Brugge 2002, Kulak University, Canada <Songbook>; <A Book of Moves>, Poland, Enschede
  • 2003: Enschede (Netherlands), Beograd (Servia) April Festival: <Songbook>, Barcelona (LEM Festival), Publication of <2 gather> CD, LPD009.
  • 2006: Macerata Festival: Player piano music. KriKri Festival (Ghent): Lettrism en sound pooetry program.
  • 2007: Brussels, MIM: 'A Book of Moves'
photograph: Pauline van der Zee

Discography:Published LP &amp; CD Recordings: 

year title  author medium publisher country
1973 Logos - 'Integratie' Duo LP LOGOS Flanders
1979 "For Grooves"  Duo LP Government Flanders
1979 "Bellenorgel" Raes LP IGLOO004 Wallonia
1982 "Composition/Improvisation" Duo LP IGLOO011 Wallonia
1986 "Pneumafoon" Raes LP IGLOO050 Wallonia
1986 "Sounds of Sacred Places" Darge LP IGLOO056 Wallonia
1989 "Murphy" Duo LP   portugal
1991 Mighty Risen Plea

:"logos duo: live improvisations on african fiddle from mali""

Duo Double LP Ightyr i senple

ed.Sacred Frame, Tucker Georgia, 1991

1995 "Logos: WORKS" 
Press reviews comments by Douglas Quin
comments by Larry Wendt
1997 "Crayon"
Festschrift for Jackson Mac Low's 75th Birthday 
Compilation CD
"ShSh" performed by the Logos duo 
CD A22 

ISSN 1093-4577



1998 "Cyclic: Moka Women CD" By Moniek Darge and Karin De Fleyt. Soundscapes of a bicycle wheel and music for flute, violin, voice and fiddle from Mali CD LPD001 Ghent 


1998 "Nieuwe Muziek in Vlaanderen" Compilation CD with: "Fall'95" by Godfried-Willem Raes CD R3 98007 Brugge 


1999 "EA" electronic music from the logos studio CD PD003 Ghent Flanders
1999 "SEM25" electronic music in belgium double CD SEM25 Antwerp Flanders
2001 "Soundplay 2000" Logos duo at the Hiroshima Soundplay Festival: <Songbook>, <Book of Moves> by Godfried-Willem Raes, improvisations, pieces by John Cage... CD   Hiroshima Japan
2002 "M&M" music for robots and musicians CD PD008 Ghent, Flanders
2003 "2 Gather" logos duo album CD


Ghent, Flanders
2015   recordings from the Logos archives 1972-1982 double LP Sub Rosa Bruxelles


Logos duo: What the press said: 

"The exciting range of sounds, harmonies and rhythm effects startled the audience" , The Morning Star, Australia 

"Logos Duo, one of Europe's leading ensembles for avant-garde music, multi-media performance and improvisation" , The Darwin Star, Australia 

"The Logos Duo style of avant-garde, experimental music is unique" , The Advertiser, Australia 

"Innovation's the key" , The Dominion, New Zealand 

"Belgian Logos stands out among avant-garde" , New York Tribune, USA 

"Godfried-Willem Raes exhibited great virtuosity in modern techniques on an assortment of clarinets, including an 18th- century Basset horn, and several mechanical devices. The improvisations themselves showed how well the duo interact." , New York Tribune 

"The duo has a rugged individualism which gives it a distinct American flavor absent from most European modernists." , New York Tribune , USA 

"Logos-Duo uit Gent toont wereldklasse" , Eindhovens Dagblad, Nederland 

"Raes toonde zich hier een uiterst creatief instrumentenbouwer. Samen met Hugh Davies en Michael Waisvisz is hij de grote pionier op het gebied van zelfbouw electro instrumenten", Eindhovens Dagblad 

"Logos Duo has been a pioneer in avant-garde music presentation" , The Little Hoya , Washington D.C., USA 

"Logos Duo is on the cutting edge of one of the most important movements in art and music since the advent of polyphonic orchestration" , The Little Hoya, Washington D.C., USA 

"Logos Duo, from Belgium, has occupied a prominent and unique place in the international music scene. Versatility and inventiveness characterize their activities in the realm of dance, avant-garde music and mixed media performance." D.C.Space, Washington D.C. 

"De combinatie muziek en dans vormde een zeer boeiend en overtuigend geheel" , De Nieuwe, Vlaanderen 

"I was intrigued with their ability to create humor and mood through sound coupled with body movement" , Evening Telegram, Canada 

"Extraordinario duo Logos, da Belgica" Cidade De Santos, Brasil 

"Moniek e Godfried sao dois autenticos artistas. Os sons, as posturas, as mimicas se integraram num espetaculo consistente, convincente, realmente musical" Jornal Do Brasil 

"I enjoyed the extraordinary sound effects" , E.T.Halifax, Canada 

"The instruments and their sounds are striking" , Option Magazine, California, USA 

"Within the international experimental music scene the Logos-Duo has occupied for various years a prominent and, in many ways, unique place. Versatility and commitment are, perhaps, the terms which most readily come to one's mind should one try to characterize briefly the activities of Moniek Darge and Godfried-Willem Raes" , Albert Mayr, Firenze, Italy 

"Holosound, een intermediaal projekt van Godfried-Willem Raes en Moniek Darge - samen het Logos Duo - hoort eigenlijk thuis bij de meest vooruitstrevende experimentele realisaties, waarbij de grens tussen muziek en performance begint te vervagen. Darge en Raes deden het wel biezonder fijnzinnig en overtroffen daardoor heel wat vergelijkbare demonstraties.", De Standaard, Vlaanderen 

"Ons trof vooral de schitterende prezentatie van de twee onmiskenbaar originele nummers" , De Standaard, Vlaanderen 

"Fysieke realiteit werd geladen met symbolische zeggingskracht" , De Gentenaar, Vlaanderen 

"De plaat "Improvisation, Composition" is warm aanbevolen voer voor liefhebbers. De muziek van Logos weet 40 minuten lang te boeien." , Veto, Vlaanderen 

"The Logos Duo, a wonderfully communicative and creative pair of Belgian musicians named Moniek Darge and Godfried-Willem Raes." Bangkok Post, Thailand 

"Duo" , Knack, Marleen Wynants

Logos Duo and the robot orchestra (Seikyo Shimbun)

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