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Godfried-Willem RAES

"For Synthelog"

This piece is part of a small series of about 5 pieces I worked out for one of my analog/digital sub-miniature synthesizers that I designed and made in the early seventies.

To make the instrument I started of by using chips originally designed for gambling-machines and the sound subsystem of video arcade games. Looking through the specs and data-sheets provided by Texas Instruments, it became immediately clear to me that this chip contained virtually anything one would find in a large and very expensive analog synthesizer. Moreover, it came out that it even was ahead of the available technology on the synthesizer market of that time: it had a fully digital mixer/patcher section!

Adding a few more chips, gave me the possibility of playing live-music on it as well as of programming it as a sequencer. The 'Synthelog' was born: the smallest one measuring only 10cm x 25cm x 6 cm and costing only about 20 dollars...

As an instrument it contains 3 VCO's, 1 noise generator, 1 sequencer, digital mixer/patcher, ringmodulator, 1 VCA, 1 ADSR-generator.

* To Jimmy Hendrickx
* For Synthelog and Piano
* A last repetitive

"For Synthelog and Piano", after many performances by the author during many concerttours all over the world, was performed again at the Antwerp MuhKA on june 13th 1999. A digital recording was made of the original 'Synthelog' part, such that this is now available to performers willing to play the piece on the piano.

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