Howling Hometrainers

When we built and realized Godfried-Willem Raes' second symphony, scored for 12 to 24 singing bicycles we have always been confronted with the sheer impossibility to make a decent recording of the piece. By the very concept of the moving bicycles through a given city, any listener can at the most get to hear a snapshot of the symphony. Just enough to get intrigued. If you were, as a performer on one of the bikes at the other hand, it wasn't possible to hear the symphony as a whole, as you got to hear mostly your own 'instrument'. In 2015 we were commisioned an interactive musical installation project for the Bing Bang Festival and we took up the singing bicycles concept again, applying it this time to hometrainers.

The original webpage of the Howling Hometrainers can be found here:

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