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Giacomo di Tollo

featured on this CD:

Giacomo di Tollo

Aleksandr Skrjabin

Alberto Savinio

Tom Johnson

Luigi Verdi




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Building musical robots has been an ongoing activity in the Logos Labs since its very beginning in the late sixties. It is one of the many results of our investigations into the development of new tools for musical expression.

All music on this CD is in the public domain. It can be freely distributed, even in public spaces, and can be broadcast provided the origin and the authors are always mentioned and given credit. MP3s of all tracks are freely available and can be downloaded from our site but if you want the best quality, we advise you to buy the original CD with a professionally printed booklet directly from us.

Kristof Lauwers, Godfried-Willem Raes

CD mastering:
Kristof Lauwers

cover design:
Eugenio Del Nobile


Johannes Taelman, Xavier Verhelst, Laura Maes

With the support of the City of Ghent.

Images of the Giacomo di Tollo CD


release date: August 2017

Last update: 2017-09-01