The Logos Foundation is one of the most important support organizations for artists and musicians in the world. It is a credit to Belgium that Logos Foundation is supported by the Flemish Ministry of Culture.

It is very important to me personally as well as to my community of musicians and artists that Logos Foundation be there for us and for the world.

The continual technical development is essential to the instrumentation of artists and musicians. Logos Foundation is a leader in technology for the arts.

Please consider carefully the continuation of support for Logos Foundation. I commend you for a positive outcome.

Pauline Oliveros: composer, USA

I have based my life work and teachings at California Institute of the Arts on the tremendous body of the work by the logos foundation. Losing their contributions to our field would have a drastic effect on the entire world of music technology.

Ajay Kapur, founder of the KarmetiK machine orchestra, USA

It is unbelievable that any government would consider the cessation of funds to one of its nation's prime assets. Through decades of hard and stellar work, Logos has put Ghent, Flanders and Belgium on the international map of creative experimental and innovative music. Please continue your support - your reward is guaranteed.

Clarence Barlow, composer, USA

At the beginning of my career, nearly 40 years ago, Logos Foundation gave me the first opportunity to perform and exhibit abroad. At this critical time in Europe it is vital to continue support for organisations that have long experience in recognising and nurturing innovation in the arts.

David Toop, musician and author of Haunted Weather

I ... can testify of the unique value of this organization and venue for the development, presentation and encouragement of new and experimental art in all Europe. Logos has a solid high reputation which you can here from wherever you go in the art world. Any threat to Logos is a threat to the free expression of daring and creative art anywhere.

Johannes Bergmark, former chairman of Fylkingen, an association for radical and experimental art, Sweden

For all of the years that I've known, Moniek Dage and Godfried- Willem Raes have expanded the reach of Logos Foundation as a major purveyor of new and dynamic music, poetry and art. Performances at their home base in Gent have brought in major figures from all over the world, and they themselves have traveled into some of the major venues of early 21st-century art. Their vitalizing and bridging functions have been and remain important, at home in Gent and Belgium, and abroad wherever an audience exists for provocative and innovative music and performance.

Jerome Rothenberg: poet, academic and anthologist, USA

The Logos Foundation has been our strategic partner for world broadcasts, events-publications-broadcasts-research in Belgium and globally. They serve Belgium culturally and economically in consistently advancing the image of Belgian music culture and Belgian cultural capital. Reducing their funding hurts Belgium and the internationally community that has come to know Belgium via Logos dissemination of ideasimage and investment.

Charlie Morrow: sound artist and producer, USA/Finland

Logos is a rare treasure that is a shining example across many generations. UbuWeb stands in solidarity with Logos.

Kenneth Goldsmith: poet and founder of UbuWeb, USA

Logos is the most valuable organization in Belgium for new music. From a business perspective, I would estimate that it more than pays for itself by the number of people that drive through Belgium on European tours to visit Ghent because of Logos. From an arts perspective, it is a major creative center for the world.

Joel Chadabe, composer and president of the Electronic Music Foundation, USA

One of the most important institutions in the international contemporary music world.

Trevor Wishart, composer, UK

The fantastic work of Logos Foundation has an international reputation and their concert series is known around the world. The cancellation of 50 yearly concerts with music repertoire from all over the world as well as the inspiration and constant support for colleagues and musicians that has been shared by Raes and Darge generously throughout the last decades would be a tremendous loss for Europe and the Belgian music scene.

Moritz Eggert, composer and pianist, Germany

Logos Foundation is a vitally "alive," and historic, resource for contemporary music and electronics in Europe and the world. It should receive continued funding and the recognition it so much deserves!

David Moss, voice artist, Germany

Among many other wonderful things, the Logos Foundation is a great platform to help out young musicians present their work in the field of contemporary arts. A help wich I already experienced first hand. Not alone will it be a great disappointment for Flanders' culture if the Logos Foundation would cease to exist - beginning artists will also lose a great deal of support...

Nico Couck, winner of Radio Klara's Youth 'n Classic prize

Logos is a treasure, a unique and important locus of contemporary art praxis. It is essential, both locally and for an international community of artists. As such, it is imperative that its activities be extended through continuing support.

Mark Applebaum, instrument builder and professor, Stanford University, USA

People from Australia, Japan , New York, all European countries etc subscribe to this petition. Not a single musical organisation in Flanders would be able to raise this level of international support from all corners of the world. Logos is a treasure, a unique place for music, creativity and art. Also it is a research center, and one of the most important archives for experimental music in the world. Apart from the objective stupidity of this decision,I also look back and wonder what would have become of my own career,if it were not for the Logos Foundation inviting me for what was probably my first new music concert in 1989. Since then and thanks to them I have had the luck to travel around and can confirm one thing: there is no such place as the Logos Foundation in the world. Of all the stupidities a minister of culture could commit, cancelling the Logos Foundation is the one that will go down history.

Daan Vandewalle, pianist, Ghent

Logos has been both prescient in terms of spotting new ideas and technologies in sound art/music, and in supporting their presentation in thoroughly practical ways. It is, I think, irreplaceable. Please continue to fund it and to support it strongly in other ways also.

Annea Lockwood, composer, USA

For many years Logos has been one of the most innovative and imaginative groups in contemporary music and sound art. In this time they have also supported, encouraged and presented the work of innumerable artists from all over the world. Theirs is exactly the kind of committed and sustained project that deserves continuing public support. Cultural life both locally and internationally has benefited greatly from their work and would certainly do so in the future.

Peter Cusack, musician, UK

I have been associated with Logos since the early 90s. Over the years Logos has offered me a platform on which I could present a wide variety of repertoire, most importantly thereof music of a highly experimental nature, including my first forays into MIDI-Guitar. Recently I rehearsed there for a week, working on a communal reconstruction of two early theatre works by Kagel. Logos provided not only a home for the week, but a uniquely welcoming and open atmosphere along with expert technical support. The loss of Logos - or a severe reduction in their activities - would be like cutting off a limb of the European new art music community.

Seth Josel, musician, Germany

Hope you will continue to finance Logos Foundation as its existence is important for the world music community and international research in fields of music and sound.

Boris Bakal, theatre and film director, Croatia

Logos is a unique institution that contributes immensely to the cultural life of Belgium. It has been the key point of contact with Belgian culture for many people like myself for as long as I can remember. The organization represents one of Europe's richest resources presenting countless performances of work by musicians and composers from all over the world. It is critical that events such as the GFC do not erase essential institutions like Logos that belong to the culture and uniqueness of Belgium.

Lindsay Vickery, musician, Australia

I urge you to continue funding the Logos Foundations, whose contributions to new forms of musical expression are important and a credit to Belgium.

Prof. Eric Lewis, McGill University, Canada

Logos has been and remains a vital organisation in the arts internationally. Please take the long view and ensure that Logos continues to contribute to the cultural life of Belgium, Europe and the wider world of art.

Dugal McKinnon, composer and senior lecturer at the New Zealand School of Music

Logos Foundation is indeed unique in the world, and it is an incalculable cultural asset for Belgium. The musical instruments designed and built there are not only stunningly beautiful acoustic/artistic creations, but in their orchestral roles disseminate widely some of the most important experimental-music compositions on the planet.

Stephen Scott, Bowed Piano Ensemble, USA

During my Belgian Government Fellowship, in the academic year 1982-1983, I have the opportunity to be in contact with the Logos Foundation and collaborate with it. Now I am a Professor of Electronic Music at the Conservatory of Music in Bologna, Italy, and I believe that experience was very important due to the relevant activities the Logos Foundation had during that time and continue to have nowadays. I think that in the period of economic crisis the importan cultural activities shoudl be preserved and safeguarded. Logos Foundation is one of this.

Prof. Lelio Camilleri, Florence, Italy

I am very well aware of how important the Logos Foundation is for promoting the highest level of creative music endeavors. It deserves to be maintained in these difficult times to help us all to keep our sanity.

Norman Lowrey, composer and director of the Deep Listening Institute, USA

The work of The Logos Foundation is well known and appreciated internationally. Do not make the wonderful automatons of the Robot Orchestra homeless!

Nick Collins, composer and computer music researcher, University of Sussex, UK

We had a concert in Tokyo, where some of the composers from Logos had pieces performed, along with our own. Their pieces were wonderful!

Kunihiko Goto, Japan

Logos is extremely valuable to the international experimental music community and to the advancement of global culture.

Ricardo Arias, Colombia

Arts cuts have a far wider negative impact beyond the relatively small cash saving. They suck the life out of life. Don't do it!

Martin Archer, composer, UK

The logos foundation must be saved. Because of their remarkable contributions to present contemporary / experimental music concerts in the venue, but also their musical robots are extraordinarily original, no one can find such outstanding musical robots in other places. They are inspiring a lot of contemporary artists.

Tomomi Adachi, experimental music maker, Germany/Japan

Please don't cut the funding to this brilliant visionary hotbed of art music and culture. What they create there is pure magic. I had the luxury the great fortune of performing there last year. It is truly an awe-inspiring environment and would be no less than a tragedy if it disappears. Please don't let this happen.

Adeena Karasick, poet, Canada

The art and music of the Logos Foundation is well known and thought of in many places around the world, and adds significantly to the cultural prestige of its nation. Please continue to fund this valuable resource.

Mark Wallace, writer and professor, USA

Logos has been and is a home for a profound number of artists nationally and internationally. This institution deserves community, federal, and fiscal support and celebration.

angela rawlings, poet, Canada/Iceland

LOGOS is one of the most inspiring and creative music spaces I have ever performed in. I really hope these guys can go on with their great work!

Eva Zöllner, musician, Germany

Logos has been a model of innovation global networking and cultural advocay for the new music and sound community world wide for almost half a century. It is an icon which needs to be maintained at all costs.

Dr Ros Bandt, University of Melbourne, Australia

The Logos Foundation is a primary contribution of Belgium to contemporary international culture. It has for decades been a byword for quality and innovation in music, a hub of adventurous activity that enriches the local scene and provides resources for developing and expanding the performance practices of professionals from around the world.

Paul Dutton, poet and horseman of the apocalypse, Canada

The closing of Logos Foundation would be a major cultural loss and I encourage those involved in the decision making to continue to fund the organisation at levels commensurate with those in the past.

Michael Bassett, Creative Producer Music and Soundart, ICIA, University of Bath, UK

With its archive, Logos also belongs to the world of libraries and has been influential for my own research based at Aalborg University and to Hermann Christoph Mueller's dissertation(Germany) which became an important book, to name only a few.

Carl Bergstroem Nielsen, Denmark

The work of the Logos foundation has been seminal in the development of new musical technologies, especially in the field of musical robotics. Not only have technical innovations been carefully documented and shared, but the new instruments have been placed in a very human musical and cultural contexts which may be even more important.

Curtis Bahn PhD, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA

As a young, internationally-orientated composer and festival organizer of contemporary classical music (from Finland), Logos has thus far been my ONLY window to the forward-looking Belgian new music scene.

Jarkko Hartikainen, Finland

Logos Foundation is one of the most important centers of modern art worldwide. It has to be supported in a most extend range. We do hope that Flemish government will continue the support for the foundation in any possible form.

Marek Choloniewski, President of the International Confederation of Electroacoustic Music, Poland

Logos is supporting young musicians wanting to play contemporary music by providing concert opportunities. I don't know of any other place where young musicians can simply go, ask and play. This is emminently important for soloists, who want to try out their concepts.

Sebastian Berweck, pianist, Germany

The music of sound should not get lost. It needs to be found ... daily. So we can be aware of the beauty all around, and take care about our environment. Logos is indispensable in cleaning our ears, by surprising us regularly with their sonic performances... thanks!

Elias Vervecken, foley artist, Ghent

I've been following the work of the Logos Foundation for many years. It would be a great loss to see its activity stop. It's a mark in Europe and in the world we can't miss.

Rui Eduardo Paes, music writer and critic, Portugal

By seeing Dr.Godfried-Willem Raes and the Logos foundation on a Dutch television show I was able to get in contact with him and learn more about body performance in relation to music. I still make use of our contact in works I develop.

M.Zwakman, Den Haag

LOGOS for the most experimental musicians of Spain was (and is) our house to show new music, to meet other researchers and to have an extraordinary experience of contrasting techniques, modes, and reflexions on sound and music. it is unique in our old Europe.

Llorenç composer, Barber, Spain

The Logos Foundation is one of the single most important centers in the world for the advancement of creative and new musical ideas. This venerable institution remains unmatched in its vision and artistic influence. I have forever been changed by my performances at this stunning institution and could not image a world without it. We have nothing like it in the United States and I urge the Belgium government to continue funding this organization for decades to come.

Michael Straus, Operations Director at Other Minds, USA

The only concerts I've gone to these last few years. The only 'modern' art I can really appreciate and like ... advanced, open, creative, interactive ... we need art like this.

Lieven Vercauteren, Ghent

The Logos Foundation is a world class venue for the presentation of new sonic arts. It is a very rare place specifically design to present and listen to such work. and it attracts artists from many countries who come to Ghent for the privilege to have their work heard there. This is art which does not exist within the contemporary mainstreams of music and cannot be given easy appellations (such as belonging to "academic" or "commercial" traditions for example), but rather it is work that is far more difficult to classify or describe: however, it belongs to a rich but largely unknown and often forgotten traditions of the "outsider," the "borderline transgressor" or the "cutting-edge experimentalist". It is material that is unfortunately often ignored by most presentation venues including even radio. I am writing from San José, California, the very heart of Silicon Valley and at the cutting edge of technology, but yet little exists here for the consistent presentation of any art (much less audio) that spontaneously erupts in such an environment. Such spaces here exist only for the "safe" and "easy" expressions of art. It is a situation that stifles creativity and ranks us as a cultural backwash. That a place like Logos exists gives one encouragement that their unique voice can indeed be heard. Logos is a real treasure in the world of innovative audio arts and should be supported accordingly.

Larry Wendt, composer and sound poet, USA

Pienso que el apoyo de esta fundación es muy importante para jóvenes estudiantes de música de los países tercermundistas en especial los de latinoamerica que no tiene acceso a este tipo de obras musicales por el entorno social y además por lo costosas que son y los estudiantes no cuentan con los recursos suficientes como para acceder a ellas, las partituras y grabaciones deben ser de libre acceso para todas las personas que dedican el esfuerzo de cada día a hacer música y a transmitir a través de ella sentimientos y sobre todo apoyar a la difusión de la obra del artista para que sea reconocida, apreciada y trascienda las fronteras de su país. ¡No reduzcamos el valor de la música a un papel verde!

Translation: I believe support for this foundation is very important for young music students in third-world countries, especially in Latin America, who do not have access to this type of musical work in their social surroundings, especially because they are so expensive and students do not have sufficient resources to acces them. Scores and recordings should be free to access by everyone engaged in the effort every day to make music and transmit their feelings through music. Above all, support the spread of artists' work so that it is recognised and appreciated and can cross the borders of their country. Let's not reduce the value of music to paper banknotes!

Andrea Loor, Ecuador

Logos is een van de nog weinige toegankelijke concertplekken in Vlaanderen waar jonge muzikanten en groepen uit binnen én buitenland die met hedendaagse muziek bezig zijn, terecht kunnen voor de zo belangrijke eerste (en latere) stappen in het concertcircuit. Daarenboven is Logos een belangrijke ontmoetings- en ontdekkingsplaats voor iedereen die geïnteresseerd is in wat er wereldwijd gebeurt op het vlak van hedendaagse muziek.

Haast elke buitenlandse muzikant/componist die concert-tournees doet, kent Logos en/of heeft daar al gespeeld. Het is een internationale aantrekkingspool, een ijkpunt, een van de weinige plekken waar niet gesubsidieerde/kleine/experimentele musici nog hun ei kunnen leggen in Vlaanderen, dat verder grotendeels gedomineerd wordt door enkele grote spelers die met het grootste deel van het subsidie budget gaan lopen.

Als de organiserende functie van Logos zou verdwijnen, schiet er in Vlaanderen geen enkele waardevolle kleine concertorganisatie meer over die plaats biedt aan experimenterende/zoekende/radicale musici/componisten. Dat zou een ongelooflijk verlies zijn.

Stefan Prins, componist

Logos is een monument in de (hedendaagse) muziek. Maar bovendien ook nog altijd bijzonder actueel, kritisch en zoekend.

Herman Baeten, stichter van Musica

De Logos Foundation is van onschatbare waarde op verschillende vlakken.
Alles wat maar iets van betekenis is geweest voor de hedendaagse muziek is er gepasseert.
Voorts bieden ze een platform aan voor jong aankomend talent.
Er staat ook een archief om U tegen te zeggen, dat veeg je zo maar niet weg!

Serge Verstockt, componist

Volgens de redactie van Gonzo (circus) is Moniek Darge één van de belangrijkste componisten en performers van Vlaanderen. Vandaar dat we haar interviewden voor onze speciale Gonzo (circus) #100 editie gewijd aan pioniers en vernieuwers in Vlaanderen en Nederland.

Gonzo (circus), tijdschrift over cultuur

Zonder Logos is het leven niet meer hetzelfde.

Tony Van der Eecken, programmator Bozar

Logos is voor Vlaanderen een poort op de wereld.
Hier maak je zowel de historische avantgarde als de allerlaatse muzikaal-artistieke ontwikkelingen mee.
Tevens is Logos voor de Vlaamse musici de mogelijkheid om hun experimenten te tonen aan de wereld.
Iedereen die iets betekend in de hedendaagse muziek is hier geweest en komt hier doodgraag terug.
Logos is levende muziek(geschiedenis), Logos maakt levende muziek(geschiedenis), VOLHOUDEN!!!

Peter Jacquemyn, musicus

Logos is de enige plek in Vlaanderen waar echte experimentele en internationaal gerichte zielen de afgelopen 40 jaar hun muzikaal ding konden doen. Logos droogleggen is het domste wat cultureel Vlaanderen kon bedenken.

Lucien Posman, componist en stichter ComAV

De Logos Foundation is van onschatbare waarde voor de actuele muziek! Logos is al decennia een van de weinige plekken in Europa waar consistent experimentele muziek wordt ondersteund. Het verdwijnen van Logos zou een tragisch verlies zijn.

Jaap Blonk, experimentele dichter en stemkunstenaar

Logos is een onwaarschijnlijk belangrijk onderdeel binnen de Vlaamse en internationale hedendaagse muziekscène. Sinds meerdere decennia hebben ze bewezen van onschatbare waarde te zijn binnen het Vlaamse experimentele muzieklandschap, zowel als promotors en organisators van unieke experimentele muziek evenementen, als binnen het muziekonderwijs.
Het verdwijnen van deze unieke organisatie zou dan ook zeer groot gemis betekenen voor het Vlaamse muzieklandschap...

Kobe Van Cauwenberghe, musicus

Dit unicum in Vlaanderen, deze stimulerende bron van hedendaagse artistieke activiteit en oord van intellectuele openheid die Logos is, kan men toch niet zomaar laten opdrogen.....

Dirk Veulemans, componist en leraar

Men zou net in die kleine cultuurhuizen méér centen moeten steken en ervoor zorgen dat er méér kleinschalige experimentele stichtingen als Logos de kop opsteken en kunnen blijven bestaan!

Geert Faes, AVS

Logos is van onschatbare waarde voor het muziekleven en het culturele leven in het algemeen. Niet alleen een werkplaats vol met experimenteermogelijkheden voor musici en componisten, maar ook een zeer rijk concertprogramma, dat onmisbaar is in Vlaanderen.

Cathy van Eck, componist

Logos is belangrijk, en het is een schande dat deze pionier het nu zonder middelen zal moeten stellen. Wat is daar het nut van. Wie niet in cultuur gelooft, gelooft eigenlijk nergens meer in.

Philippe Tonnard, beeldend kunstenaar

U beïnvloedt met deze keuze niet 1 organisatie, maar de voortzetting van de muziekgeschiedenis in België. Logos is met zijn concerten en grootste robotorkest van de wereld een internationale speler... U treft met deze keuze trouwens ook alle studenten van het Conservatorium van Gent, voornamelijk deze van instrumentenbouw en compositie, die van hun kans beroofd worden te leren van Logos en de mensen die daar werken.

Tim Duerinck, student instrumentenbouw

Logos is een toonbeeld van innovatief ondernemen op het gebied van muziek en technologie en onmisbaar voor de infrastructuur van werk- en presentatieplaatsen in de kunsten die kansen bieden aan jonge kunstenaars in Belgie, Europees en wereldwijd. In Nederland geldt Logos als een voorbeeld waar Vlaanderen trots op moet zijn. Logos is het gemeenschapsgeld dat er aan besteed wordt dubbel en dwars waard.

Peter van Bergen, componist

Logos is een baken van experiment, onderzoek en avontuur in muziek. In een wereld waarin alles steeds meer zichzelf moet verkopen om enig respect te verdienen, is deze zeldzame vrijplaats van vitaal belang.

Peter De Roy, grafisch ontwerper en docent

Vlaanderen heeft ook nood aan meer experimentele klanken! En zeker aan organisaties die daarbij al decennia voorop lopen.

Ge Huismans, hoofdredacteur Gonzo (circus)

Alle dubbel positief geadviseerde kunstenorganisaties moeten subsidie krijgen. Stel je voor, je slaagt in je examens maar krijgt toch geen diploma ... Het zou een blamage zijn als dit niet rechtgezet wordt.

Bart Caron, Vlaams parlementlid Groen

Triest om te horen dat het voorbestaan na al deze jaren van goed werk van de Logos Foudation op het spel staat. Logos betekent op het internationale vlak een interessante en bekende locatie waar veel(internationaal) talent de kans krijgt zich te tonen/horen.

ir Tom Veeger, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven

Logos is een unieke concertplaats, muziekcentrum en onderzoeksplaats in het Belgische cultuurlandschap. Ik heb er enkele van de meest indrukwekkende concerten meegemaakt, kreeg er zelf kansen als muzikant, leerde door hun programmatie nieuwe muzikanten en componisten kennen en ga zo maar door. Daarnaast is Logos een zeer interessante gast om lezingen/performances te komen geven aan onze studenten TransMedia van de Master na Master op Hogeschool Sint Lukas Brussel. Dit alles bij elkaar is onmisbaar in België.

Jan Pillaert, musicus en docent

Terug naar de Middeleeuwen: ongestraft graaien en cultuurbarbarij!

Lex Veldhoen, journalist NRC Handelsblad

Als productie en onderzoekscentrum voor geluidskunst met robotikainstrumentarium moet Logos als PIONIER en UNIEK Avant-garde centrum in Vlaanderen blijven bstaan en verdiend het omwille van zijn innoverende kwaliteit en professionele ervaring een subsidiële ondersteuning van onze Vlaamse Culturele Overheid.

Ludovic de Vlam, cultuurconsulent

Logos heeft jaren lang een zéér belangrijke rol in de experimentele kunsten gespeeld en dat is nog steeds het geval. Er moet door geheel Europa een betere verhouding worden gevonden tussen dure orkesten, opera gezelschappen en kleinere innovatieve instellingen. Voor Vlaanderen en ook Belgié heeft Logos een unieke funktie gespeeld - aub blijven ondersteunen.

prof. dr. H. L. Landy, De Montfort University, UK

"Alles van waarde is weerloos" dichtte Lucebert. Dat blijkt helaas opnieuw te worden bewaarheid in deze subsidieronde die ronduit op veilig speelt en ieder bestaansrecht ontneemt aan ieder die minder evidente paden bewandelt.

Matthias Bunneghem, cultuursocioloog

En Wallonie, deux structures de résidence de compositeurs électroacoustiques, d'organisation de festival et concerts de musiques à la pointe de la technologie sont subventionnées par la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles. Musiques & Recherches est l'une d'elles. Il serait ahurissant que la "riche" Flandre se prive de la seule structure équivalente qui lui reste encore!

A. Vande Gome, Musiques & Recherches

Logos is een plek waar dingen gebeuren die elders niet plaats vinden. Het was één van de eerste plekken waar we we zo'n 20 jaar geleden aan het begin van onze loopbaan welkom waren. Was en blijft onmisbaar.

Bosch & Simons, bouwers van muziekmachines, Spanje

Logos is uniek in de wereld. Onlangs hebben zij nog opgetreden op de expositie Jazz Ten Toon in Breda, dit op treden was van hoog artistiek niveau. Logos moet blijven bestaan.

Willem Paterik, voorzitter Jazz Ten Toon

Gangmaker, baanbreker en "spoorverbreder" in het landschap van de eigentijdse muziekcultuur.

Marc Maes, musicus

Logos is van onschatbare waarde voor het muziekleven en het culturele leven in het algemeen. Niet alleen een werkplaats vol met experimenteermogelijkheden voor musici en componisten, maar ook een zeer rijk concertprogramma, dat onmisbaar is in Vlaanderen.

Frank Niehusmann, musicus

Logos doet denken.
Logos provoceert.
Logos vormt, geduldig, radicaal.
Logos is een podium.
Logos heeft een uitgelezen publiek,
Logos brengt de wereld, heeft geschiedenis ...

Alles van waarde is weerloos (Lucebert)
Laat dit toch niet waar zijn.

Sigrid Tanghe, schilder en performancekunstenaar

Logos is altijd een open en gastvrije thuishaven geweest voor muziek in ontwikkeling. Stopzetten van ondersteuning betekent het verlies van een unieke plek, van een van de weinige werkelijke laboratoria voor muziek in België, en de Nederlanden.

René van Peer, muziekjournalist