Don't let it ever float

discharge in time

We need a sturdy ground

pull-up's are required

a current sink

and a pull down on the output.

Inputs are always female

outputs have male connectors

The base draws almost no current

negative input is a virtual ground

spacers and washers insulate the board

This point is at high potential

resistance sucks

Current regulators can get very hot

place a crowbar protection over the power lines

Chips all over the place

leaded has become unlawful

static discharges can be detrimental

busses should be kept short

minimize capacity on lines

a torture bench is what we need

resistance leeds to losses

a benchmark is the result

Popcorn noise will show up

after a while the values will settle

don't save on bypass caps

Discriminators come in handy

comparators tend to instability

A strong bias can be counterbalanced

Mating males and females

everything should be connected.


Godfried-Willem Raes

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